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Experience effortless social marketing when customers share project photos on social media.


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How does Buildaga work?

The Buildaga app provides remodel and construction companies with an innovative tool to reach their customer base, reduce stress and build an authentic, credible relationship. Customizable to fit any project and customer management style. With Buildaga, you are in control.

  • Build brand by adding your company's logo
  • Manage project communications in a centralized location
  • Share project milestones to help keep your customers informed
  • Send automatic updates when tasks are complete
  • Snap, upload and share project photos
  • Capture and manage project scope

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CRM?

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. It's a system that allows construction pros the ability to manage relationships with their customers along with data and information that comes along with managing their projects. The best part of developing your CRM skills, is that your customers reap the benefits which makes you stand out amongst your competitors.

How does Buildaga fit into the way I currently do business?

At Buildaga, we researched and monitored 20+ construction companies both big and small in order to understand the fundamental similarities in their business processes. That, coupled with expertice in project management methodologies, allowed us to create a simple, fit-for-purpose tool that can be customized to fit any and every construction company's way of doing business.

What is Social Marketing?

When creating Buildaga, we didn't want to just save time and money (boring!). We wanted to help companies grow! That's why we developed the social marketing feature. This allows your homeowners to share all their project photos to their ~330 friends and families on Facebook. When doing this, it also displays your contact info for everyone to see! This allows you to expand your marketing reach and skyrocket your referrals!

What if I need help getting started?

We understand technology and change can be challenging and we are here with you every step of the way. Take advantage of personal one-on-one training on Buildaga features, project or customer management frameworks. Our mission is to make you even more successful no matter what!

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